5 Best Questions to Ask Your Wall Street Hiring Manager During an Interview

The day of your job interview has finally arrived. You’ve nailed your interview, answering questions and maintaining good body language. You are appearing professional and you are confident that you’ve gotten the job.

Then near the end of the interview, the recruiter asks:

“Do you have any questions for me?”

This is where most people get stumped. But don’t panic! Here’s everything you need to know to nail this part of the interview.

Below are a list of some of the best questions to ask when the time comes.

1. How do you measure success in this role?

This shows that you are a goal-oriented individual who doesn’t shy away from taking accountability. The more your hiring manager tells you, the better you can prepare yourself for the role.

2. How does the job contribute to the bigger goals of the company?

Every employee wants to know how they can do their part to help everyone. It makes them feel good to know that their job really matters. You want to be sure that you will be valued in this new job. Take a moment to ask how this particular position contributes to the company’s overall success.

3. What’s the biggest challenge this team faced in the past year or two? 

As someone who is pursuing the role, you should know what you’re up against. It’s good to get an idea of what challenges lie ahead. Plus, this will show the interviewer that you are truly dedicated to assuming all of the responsibilities of this role.

4. What keeps you motivated at this company?

People who have worked at a single company for a long period of time without getting burned out are miraculous. It’s a good idea to pick their brains to find out what they really love about the company, and why it makes them stay throughout the years. For more tips like these, you should check out this great resource – shiahwallstreetreview.com/

5. What are the behaviors of the most successful people on the team? 

You want real examples to show what it’s like being a successful part of the team. You also want to know exactly what kinds of traits make a winner. This question will give you a better idea of what the company is looking for, while telling the interviewer that you are already set up for lots of success.

6. What do you do in situations of negative feedback?

Unfortunately, everyone has to deal with negative feedback from time to time. Whether two peers are making honest evaluations of each other, or a manager must relay bad news to the team, negative feedback is never fun. But getting ahead of the issue and remaining professional is the key to a quick recovery. Understand how the company uses these situations as opportunities for growth.

7. Do you have any concerns about my qualifications or skillsets?

Make sure not to spend too much time talking about other things that aren’t you. Remember, you are there to sell yourself and prove that you’d be a good fit for the team. Give the recruiters a final chance to let you know whether they have any final questions.

8. What excites you most for the future of this company?

You need to let them know that you aren’t just interested in the job, but the company as a whole. Let them tell you what they are excited about, so you can get excited about it too. Your natural enthusiasm for the business will make recruiters more keen to hire you. Plus, knowing what motivates them every day is never a bad thing, as it might someday motivate you too!