Make A Difference in Your Next Wall Street Job Interview with These 7 Winning Steps

People who don’t put a lot of thought into their job interviews are not people who succeed. In order to stay ahead of the competition and prove to your prospective employers that you are the one for the job, you need to take your job interview seriously.

This is an audition for a role, not merely a formality before the pros offer you a job. This is your time to prove that both your qualifications and your personality are a good fit for the team. Here are the 7 steps to success.

Step 1: Study, analyze, and scrutinize the job description

Just because you applied for the job doesn’t mean you know every detail about what the job really is. This is a good opportunity to carefully study the job description. Take note of how each task is described, how the company describes itself, and what exact requirements are needed to fill the role.

Step 2: Get to know the company

Your next step is to research all that you can about the company. Look them up on social media, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Look on the company website to see if you know anybody working among the ranks. Talk to them if you can. Get all the information you need so you are well informed about who you are about to be talking to.

Step 3: Visit the location beforehand

One of the worst things you can do is arrive late to the interview because you had a hard time finding the location. Take some time to scope it out beforehand so you know exactly where you need to go. Take stress off of yourself on the day of.

Step 4: Know your salary rate

You will probably be asked by the interviewer what pay rate you are expecting. Definitely plan for this ahead of time by figuring out your target salary. You don’t need to tell them what you are currently making, but instead, tell them your salary goals. Prepare to have to negotiate with them a little bit, but don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Step 5: Prepare your resume

Your resume might already have some great connections to your prospective job. But brush up on the entire thing so you know for sure that all of your relevant skills and experiences are included. Be sure to highlight what is most essential to the job you’re interviewing for.

Step 6: Look up relevant news

The day of the interview, Google the company’s name to see if there is anything big or recent you should know. Any prospective employee with a chance of landing a job there should know what’s currently going on within the company culture.

Step 7: Show gratitude

When your interview is complete, your work is not finished. Be sure to follow up with the interviewer right away via email. Thank them for their time, and let them know that you are looking forward to hearing from them again. Be kind and professional throughout the entire process.